Two Son’s Given To The Lord To Raise

mix thunder and drums

I have written about this I believe have mentioned it, but feel it should be here on the Son’s of Thunder site. I was a daddy’s girl, born on his birthday, there were six of us children I was 3rd born and middle if three girls who came in a row all about 15 months best friends. Mom now she used to tell me I was the worst of six to raise, so felt I was bad to her, daddy on the other hand called me his darling daughter. I was a tom boy, and mom kept trying to make me a lady. I would rather be with daddy than mom.

Well living and knowing this, I had told Father I didn’t know how to raise my son’s Jeremy and Joshua the two J’s and gave them to Him to raise. This was done in scripture I had found of women. So when I talk to the Lord I always use scripture for my stands. So I gave them to the Father. Well of course they ended up being raised by me, and I never went to church any longer, just spent my time in the word where that was concerned. I thought maybe I would be led to go to a different church as my family had done this, but never happened with me. I did go a couple times, led of the Lord and there was always something for me, very rare it was.

My son’s have pretty much been the same, except for J (Jeremy) our eldest after having children, he felt the need to have them in a church. So he has been a drummer boy for the Lord in the two he had attended.

My son’s are highly trained for the job they are given by Father to do…just needed some world training that myself and them were protected from not to learn or understand. Because they are programmer’s and masters of many languages, they would be a quick study for Matthew-Yeshua and I to train…my training came several years ago well some of it from Matthew. My daddy knew all these things, he had 5 children that needed training in the world till they were called for Father to use them. No man comes to Yeshua unless the Father draws them.

A new language will come from them the world does not know, for “man” masculine God is masculine. The word given to man to protect and keep clean watched over by men only. I have directed my son’s to use mom for attacks on the word to have hack proof word of truth. So we move in this direction.