Ancestry Bloodlines

I thought I would add this here just because it is part of who they are.  I did post the 23andme thought interesting  Coptic Egyptian


The reason I am including this here is I have things everywhere. I also included my brother Ehrman, reason is because I found it interesting also they each have 7 percent Mid Eastern in them. Because of all the updates these companies do, I can no longer access where they showed the 7% from. Their dad’s was all said to be from Turkey..100% of it. My brothers said to be where current day Israel is today..100% of it. Mine the 1% I believe was Israel..but 2% was farther East..I forget what country…I want to say Afghanistan but I really don’t remember.

I did post 3 changes ancestry had for me but they are not in right order.. the first one was actually an update they did 8-14-2020 I believe was the date. It all the sudden showed Scotland in me. Well back then I never turned off my computer left all them cookies and working on ancestry. All the sudden my personal tree was showing up wow was shocked.. sent to cousins Beth and Theo to see and they saw the same as me as they didn’t clear cookies either. I was tied way back King Arthur they say is a legend but real…and click on the ancestry “Family Tree Sources and the link went to my tree.. Well Bob did figure out it was because of cookies…but when asked as a programmer making such a change..he said you make changes as you want the info…that the reason for updates. This my mothers side of family. Well this line goes back to about 150 AD Kings, Knights etc. Will put the line from King Arthur back here.. the interesting part is that Father called me 8-27-2020 and 11-2020 did ask Father as had no clue… I was given 2 words.. and their is only 1 scripture. “Remember Ancestors” Leviticus 26:45 (KJV) But I will for their sakes remember the covenant of their ancestors, whom I brought forth out of the land of Egypt in the sight of the heathen, that I might be their God: I am the LORD.

Of course did write then about Eden.. I have a rare mtDNA also what interesting as the Native American in their Dad. Well the most ancient horse is also found in USA. They don’t have clue to origin.

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