Xmass Cards What Do U See?

I expected to get this done yesterday never happened..Got up with Father this morning  I think He had me preach…ask Matthew now that He is up OK?on minethat He the sleeping Giant seems to overpowered me on…but mentioned my plan Him sent Him to bed.  So posted with Father on that one..As felt was preaching… Continue reading Xmass Cards What Do U See?

XMas Challenge To Design My Family Group Card-so back to bed i go

I had HIGH HOPES  yes it is a song so look UP..well forced I was to get up try..No shut up my head. So  I got up and had great plan and great vision where to even begin even a scripture to fit my creation..wanted to find do first but would move to last. the… Continue reading XMas Challenge To Design My Family Group Card-so back to bed i go

Happy Birthday Sons 2


ARE YOUUNDER THE LAW? WHICHLAW ARE YOU UNDER? MOM IS SENDING YOUTHESE BELT SMACKS ON KITCHEN COUNTER: MT 22:37-40 (EA)Yeshuasaid to him “You shall love THE LORD YEHOVAH your GOD from ALLYOUR HEART and from ALL YOUR SOUL and from ALL YOUR POWER and fromALL YOUR MIND. This is the great and the first commandment.… Continue reading Happy Birthday Sons 2


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