Ehrman Family Christmas

When I was a child, it was away on or right about that date of Daddy and my birthday that the Christmas tree would go up. Of all the ornaments I remember it was the tree topper mom had, a white hard plastic really angel with a light inside, and the manger scene setting going up. Mom always then once back from Anderson had her organ as got it there always played Christmas music too. We always had a live tree. Daddy always did do the lights when we were little us children then decorate.

I remember my mom’s mother’s tree loved to go see it as when they came out with them the bubbling lights my grandma had them..seems all my lift they had them will link what I feel remember what Grandma’s fav Christmas song was.  I did have a little like wooden train type in AZ used to set top TV had a driver train like and the 4 letters…a place for a birthday candle on top each letter.  Things I brought to house.. had 2 holiday albums Elvis Daddy loved his voice and Alabama Tennessee Christmas where my grandmother Ehrman born twins her birthday was Dec.24th.

Pictures and songs of Family
Esther Thompson mother was Elizabeth Braun my mothers mother, these she had on her tree. I remember her favorite song was “the first Noel” Will link the song to the lights…as I had 2 Christmas albums Elvis Presley, and Alabama Tennessee Christmas my favorite as Grandma Peek(Paynter) Ehrman was a twin born 24th Dec in Tennessee.
Now some things I carried forward with my children that was done at my house… the one thing was a new pair of PJ’s we got to open Christmas eve just that one gift…so we all looked good Christmas morning when them would snap pictures. I did do with my sons too.  Our tree nothing real fancy as I recall mom used a white sheet wrapped around bottom stand for a tree skirt…look kinda like swaddling cloths

Mom would blast the organ to get us up then in the morning Christmas morning. Now we did have both sides of the family to see the holidays. Christmas Eve was always at Mom’s mom’s house… Now Grandma every year as I remember and did this wow late in my years..even by card to AZ sent every person in her family $1.00 cash, what remember there was Grandma making hot fresh huge it would blow up past the bread pan like made weird shaped bread. Home made…and I have always been a bread eater. Bread, peanut butter, jelly and butter always on our meal table to feed them boys… them always got a full plate one helping if still hungry ate bread…but 8 mouths to feed. Grandma had all her children and grandchildren’s pic..on her wall in living room.. I remember counting them one year and there was 22 I said Grandma… look what you started!!

Later afternoon Christmas day we all load up and go to Daddy’s parents with his family at Grandma and Grandpa Ehrman’s. so with both family sides in same town this was how we did.

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