Asking Daddy For A Horse

I remember when we moved to Anderson, asking my daddy for a horse. Well he told me he could not get me one because if the other children wanted them he could not do that. He had to keep things as close as he could to not favoring one child over the other. So everyone had to play by the rules. Well I accepted that, but Daddy did know my heart on it.

He had friends he golfed with and worked with there, and one of them had horses. He set up for me to go out to be able to learn some things about horses and ride. He even did that for me when I was older and we were back in Ft Wayne. Now that horse I remember, a Tennessee Walker, was told I would feel like I was riding a rocking chair lol Yep they were sure right wow what a difference, but I didn’t care just loved horses.

So even though Daddy couldn’t do for his children all their hearts desires, he tried to make a way for them to experience them. Well I loved him for that.

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