Daddy Mom and Jenny

I don’t think the family even knew how close Daddy and I were. So hurt from Mom passing, he would even tell me hard things about cleaning out junk drawers and the memories. I felt I was watching him just die of heart break. Well daddy had me and a friend of my mothers that was married…He would even be invited over to dinner with them, so the husband knew. My sister so upset about Dad doing that. This friend of Moms, was strong in faith, as that was what Daddy was struggling with. I remember Mom so excited to have even found her for a friend in the Lord.

There is an old saying that had come to mind, I think I heard it from Daddy, but not sure. “A daughter is a daughter the rest of her life but a son is a son till he takes a wife” I heard it from either mom or dad….don’t know if it is true or not or where it even came from.

Well the memory I actually had about Daddy this morning is when he was getting remarried. He was so excited for me to meet Jenny, and when I did at the wedding, wanted to know how I felt about her. It is just funny really to think about that it would even matter. I told Daddy I would love any woman that brought life back into my Daddy and this she did. I have a great picture of them together on my desktop…Jenny sent it to me absolutely love it…love the frame she put it in even too, best frame I have ever seen. It is a boat has ores and inset is the picture surrounded by white. They are at beach kind of area they might have been at Jenny’s son’s house..and both them dressed in white. Only thing dark on Daddy is his black belt, and shoes. I would ask Bob to scan it but he said he didn’t want to be involved in any of my sh*t…so can’t put it up.

When Daddy met Jenny he was so excited, they got married pretty quick after meeting. Daddy had standards he explained to me. He had to have gotten it from scriptures somewhere but didn’t go into why just his standards. He refused to marry a woman that had been divorced. Would only marry one that was a widow. Now that could be because of the staying power, evidence in a woman, as Daddy was a rest of your life kinda guy. Raised his family to be the same, of 6 children only 1 divorced. So that man built in some kind of staying power hahaha and he always shared those things with me.

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