Daddy’s X Bloodlines

Well of course I mentioned about Daddy being so pissed and yes he was right to a point. So thought I would put this with Daddy not in family stories in things I found with genealogy research. Daddy of course passed the X of his mother to us girls…same as Chuck passed mom’s X to his girls. He was only Ehrman son to have any daughters. I posted a video about X on page.

I found with dna, that Daddy’s mother Effie Peek was not a Peek at all. Her Daddy was adopted. Of course there was all kinds of people with those trees out on ancestry…wrong info lots well didn’t find one right. So I documented mine different…and of course ancestry tells you whom they think you should follow…just like the church with the bible haha Yes you do get from both sides.

Well Charles Jefferson Peek, was actually Charles Jefferson Paynter. Interesting thing is they also I believe can’t get there any longer but same parents named second child kept that one. Well did yesterday find more information on that Paynter name. So thought I would put the link for family on it. would have to sign up again to do more checking finding this.

Also wanted to mention of course in scripture it was man’s job to keep this stuff on pedigree’s and they don’t do. Most I would bet are women looking. I did though see interest from Trent and from Bret looking for information on the bloodlines. Bret actually posted on a message to Shirley Davis, one of our cousins, can view public messages. Shirley went to Ehrman family gatherings, who had done tree there. Trent I found myself on ancestry when I signed up…looking for info. So there were men interested.

I may sign up but doubt it the Lord has His things to tend to…for me to do, but wanted info for who knows our children like Bret and Trent with that interest you never know. I will tell you this, I have no idea who did the other family tree stuff…but I will tell you most on ours were wrong…and no one found the adoption but me. Cousin George that side checked even said yes found adoption, never did get it from him though. He has not changed his tree either..went with who most did. Not me would love to check again mine though.

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