Farm House Building

Daddy, of course was still alive when we were doing construction on this house. I used to send him pictures of progress and talk to him about the house. So felt he was involved some with the new construction. Talked to him all the time on our well I called it “beep beep” the phone Con had got me and Daddy to chat as his shaking made it hard for him to use a regular phone.

With daddy passing right before we were to move into farm, I had no desire to even decorate put pics up nothing. So Con came she helped me after Chuck and Lyn came to see the place, as Bret their son was in Georgetown, with grandchildren. Chuck had done my basement design for me on the farm house what I gave him and made the changes to the floor plan to even make the house livable to me. So he drew up the floor plans using the ones I had purchased.

I used to let Chuck and Lyn have the cabin to their selves as Bret and his wife lived in the basement of wife’s parents house. This gave them a place to be alone with the family. So Chuck worked hard too getting my needs met for the house, he and Lyn first to even visit, came before we even had our countertops in, it was such an ordeal to get that house built. Chuck worked doing finishing work in some areas… we also would play and would go out back all of us to shoot. Chuck with one eye, as he had lost an eye, could hit a fly with a shot hahaha good really good. Dad thought he would be first one eyed PGA golfer to make it on circuit, he did try that I think. Only one of siblings that never came to that house was Carey. Now if Con and Larry came, they wouldn’t stay in our house…they brought motor home so Larry hooked up Elect hook up from barn so they parked in front of that. So Larry never slept in our farm house.

Chuck lost his eye, working for Daddy’s through the company Daddy worked for. He was on a latter doing something with screw driver and it slipped and went right through the eye. L eye I think not sure. Well of course prayer for restoring sight to that eye.. well God doesn’t need a new eyeball to restore sight for goodness sakes. He used to have a fitted insert thing to not make it show…was painful bothered him he quit wearing it….so you do notice a bit one eye being smaller.

We also did some planting as I recall, just all in messing around. Was great to have the help from big brother for sure. He also gave advise as to what is reasonable to charge that type thing to, so I talked to him quite often.

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