Fear of Prophets – Mom’s Graduation

This is really such a long story but Father wants it told. We shall see just how He leads me, as I think there will be more posts about this subject. You see it was planned trip for me all along..the Lord had a Prophet staying at their house coming for the church…plus Mom and Dad’s ministers, friends in the Lord from Indiana I had never met. Mom just had to have me there so planned way in future. That is another story though. Mom passed on Father’s Day, half way my stay so was there for Daddy after for a week.

The desire of my mothers heart was to have at least one of her children stand and preach the gospel. She was so looking forward to this Prophet, thought she would hear on one of her children. I didn’t even know I would be able to go as was in a bent over the knee cast from snapping my achillies tendon at the heel hard to repair. Well day before we were to leave I think I got my fitted lower support brace to walk, they took that puppy off me hahaa and I was able to go, my son Joshua went with me, Jeremy stayed home couldn’t get time off work.

Now the reason I use the word graduation in passing, is because that is what my Daddy called it. He however believing for a miracle. Well we found out it was cancer before me going, very rare type I was told by AZ Doctors usually only found in children. Yet on Mom’s death certificate, don’t think it says cancer at all, but she passed from aneurysm..she had a huge vein left side as I recall pelvis area, was told if had any more children she would die, so she just had six, she always said she wanted a dozen. I told Mom when she told me that…I said Mom “when they all marry you will have your dozen” hahaha

Well I was there many days before Prophet to show up, he of course was coming just for Friday, Saturday and maybe he did Sunday morning not sure he might have left that day, well he did leave mom and dads as in packed and left that morning taking things with him. Well my sister Cheri just popped in with mom being down…she actually left before mom passing as I recall so was not at moms funeral that I recall. I couldn’t get around well, but mom just like her, here I was coming for her and she was all worried about me, yet so happy I made it. During the first couple days she would manage to get out of bed a bit, sit in living room chair, remember one night I laid in loveseat right beside her.

I would just sit on the floor, she slept right side of bed, and we both were worshipers of the Lord. I just played worship music praising the Lord the whole time there. I did not go to the church to hear the Prophet, mom being bedridden couldn’t either, so it was recorded for us, we listened together beside bed. Loved his teaching, can’t recall only one word comes to mind is “leaks” as in veggie? Wow then first person called out was threatened with death warning, God was done with him, this was last chance. Scared the crap out of me and that dude in mom’s house. Well he also called out my big brother in that, so heard the prophecy…now they keep that stuff usually, so might be time to listen again as I recall he got both…so more like a choice in his path is how I took it. It brought back memory of another of God Prophets I heard who while in church was told he had made the unpardonable sin and God was taking him out. That man died right there and then in that church. So I was scared of Prophets of God…worse than my Daddy correction for sure. Put fear in me.

The Lord however when I did go back home, had me praying for this Prophet, so only one ever prayed for till Matthew-Yeshua in flesh.

I did talk to the Prophet, he sat with me in living room telling me about his heart condition, and his family. He also noticed over the fireplace mom had all six of us senior pictures, he asked me who Cheri was, pointed her out to me, never said another word about it. Well daddy had asked him right away if he had a word about mom, daddy shared that with me, and the Prophet told him 3 was all he got from the Lord, but told daddy the death angels were here. He said he didn’t know if it meant 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 month, or 3 years. She died 3 days. Things I remember happening.

1. remember Chuck big brother, coming over reading scripture on left side of bed. Remember won’t look up you can if you want…remember him reading about bone marrow and also blood.

2. remember woman from church sitting in there with me, told me she had anointed my mom just being led of the Lord had no clue as to doing that, but the Lord showed her later she had actually preformed the priestly anointing on her. She was just so amazed.

3 remember my older sister Con, was only one wouldn’t come, she told me she just couldn’t had to pray at home, she did however come Fathers Day was there.

4 remember Cheri taking over care of mom, she did not like that Prophet in the house…she shut off praise music..and when she left, felt mom would pass grabbed a spoon of mothers out of hutch to take with her when she left Sunday early I think Fathers Day.

5 remember Chris, little brother, such the servants heart caring for sick he cared for me even and anointed me with oil for my cancer. He would come and do bed pans for her just all that stuff.

6. remember Carey coming praying at foot of bed

Well think it was Saturday as I had listened to tape first thing or that night even as sent home immediately…well the Prophet came in the bedroom after I had already heard that tape and was praying at foot of mom’s bed…Daddy on left side me sitting floor right side. I think I had praise music on again, Cheri she was either sleeping or not there just not there. That prophet came over put his hands on my head and prophesied over me. Shocked and afraid I have no clue what he even had to say…and he left the room. Well I asked Daddy then: “was it good?” haha couldn’t remember a word. Daddy told me yes it was. So mom did get the desire of her heart to hear the prophet over one of her children right there beside her bed.

I was there with Daddy for a week after. The rest will maybe be in other stories, as lots happened heavenly signs I saw all kinds of stuff.

My son Joshua and some of the other grandchildren were pallbearers along with my brothers. Daddy has place for both his wives beside him, plots.
Fear of Prophets – Mom’s Graduation

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