Humans Evil Mt 7:11

Well I got a bit irritated this morning…and often when that happens I find elsewhere to go mess around. I wanted just a human site.. well with those that eyes to see would notice still put a quote of scripture.

So I created this page yes family shows but well we are human…Word then off in other directions as mom now I have her overseeing…as fav icon..and reason for title is cause she would say this word to me I never looked it up though lol She also called herself the hall monitor. So I did and it fit right in wouldn’t you know. Chose the background as this Daddy’s brand of cig always smoked..and when together we did this together.

That took me to Salem, MS and them witch trials. Boy would I liked to have been their attorney in those. Would have love to meet these people…at the Salem Witch trials and burning’s. Why? Well I see the world and so called wise men, who follow doctrines of men.

Looked up then shenanigan then found some history links…did go then to this page there…truth?? have no clue..

So this will be just my human stuff if I ever have them. Well yes will throw the dog a bone..had to look this one up too and wouldn’t come up well link said something about winning…won’t say how many try to get that link open again for meaning it won’t so just snapped what it said in the search about it.


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