Not sure how to start this even, as Daddy did not live with a saint!! get the picture? That was his first marriage…so probably why he wanted someone with staying power. Jenny and to most all am sure, heard it from some in family, there was nothing anyone did that she didn’t do better. So hooked on herself how good she was all she did always something. Full of herself.

Well the only one I know of that even called her mom was Carey, of course he was following man too as all the family, not just Yeshua as I did. She found it very difficult to live with Daddy, boy I understand that one, Jenny was a runner, and constant in her children’s affairs. Yes there is times for that, being invited am not sure happened.

She was good for Daddy in many ways though, I believe it was her that encouraged him to even go to Switzerland. They did do lots together, so she was a blessing in that too. She was sooooooo excited though when Daddy got online with me…free her up and keep him occupied.

Now Daddy never mentioned to me that they saw the Ehrman that much at all really I think or question if part of that is because Chuck just wanted him to retire. Chuck wanted to run things.

Anyway another thing I found very interesting about Jenny stores I would hear all about always her side talked about never ours. The woman got struck by lightning I want to say twice maybe just once. Well that is nothing to boast about lol

She was a good cook and good care giver. So did a wonderful job for Daddy in all those areas. Never once did I hear a word about scripture. She did however tell of her beautiful voice and singing she did in choir I think though. She did have a beautiful voice.

Just a few things on what I noticed with them…and dealt with…of course as I had said to Daddy when he first met and married her…I would love any woman that brought life back into my Daddy and she did do that.

Jenny was great about holding phone to Daddy in hospital to call me so I could talk to him. As Bob had said you are not going to be running down there when he is in hospital every time. So couldn’t go. I never quite understood that as Bob perfectly capable of cooking and doing on his own… we were building a house though which I was doing.

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