JR Church and David Wilkerson

I can’t even remember the years on this. Daddy and I would talk about these two people. Wilkerson, Daddy believe to be a prophet of the Lord’s. and J R Church a watchman. So Daddy had sent us subscriptions to these two people, and then of course when we talked we would talk about the new things that kept showing up. Such as finding a first red heifer. Oh others I can think of were like even dairy cows with the number 7 on their forehead. All kinds of interesting things.

The only other person in the family that I was aware of Daddy maybe talking to regularly about this stuff might have been my big brother. I don’t know however that he purchased anyone a subscription except for me. I just don’t know. Teaching me to be a watchman and watchman for prophets, I was afraid of ones, never was afraid of Wilkerson, so don’t know on that as far as prophet.

Now Daddy of course met with family at work and did teaching to the family. They would stay after work on Friday evenings, have a potluck and service there at the office. Had a big open room, they would set up folding chairs in and he had a pulpit…to hold his Bible as he stood.

Cheri and I were the only ones that did not live where the rest of the family was. I don’t think Cheri had any interest in hearing anything Daddy had to say regarding instruction in the word of God. So he left her more to Mom to plant seeds.

Me, I got seed planting from both, just as I was there with the family. It wasn’t as often for sure, but priceless, as they were my only real connection to have someone to talk to about it all.

My big brother is the only one who to me of the family did watch, of course there ain’t much to watch in this world but always someone to keep an eye on.

That path of instruction continued till my Dad passed, I suppose that is why I keep an eye on what my children are doing in the area as my Dad did for me, I posted about me doing the same called
Eye On Children At Any Age?

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