Mom’s Obituary and Abortion

Well most in the family know that I stayed with Daddy for another week after Mom’s graduation (passing) They just don’t know how close we were even Mom and I really, she told me a lot. I think she told everyone a lot, well say it once…most forget it or don’t pay attention, same with Daddy. I took more to heart things said to me.

One of the things while Mom was bedridden, was her concern maybe she had not forgiven her sister from the heart, as her sister Dorothy was horrible to Mom. Now my little sister even kicked both Con and I out of her house, as we traveled together to see her. She kicked us both out, not me really, but kicked Con out for how Con was treating me…couldn’t take it any more, kicked us out.

Did Cheri forgive her sister? Yes she did, how do I know this…because it was Cheri and I that wept to the Lord to heal her when she went through all almost dying and having a heart valve finally put in. You don’t weep to the Lord for someone you have not forgiven.

In Mom’s case, I believe Dorothy was still alive. Well Daddy was aware of all of this for goodness sakes. I believe it was Daddy that wrote the obituary. While I was there, he stated that they had gotten the grandchildren wrong…listed more than there was.

I told Daddy, no it is not wrong, there were abortions I was aware of. So God’s changed what Daddy wrote and recorded against one of those siblings…it is written. Someone needs heart repentance with this I am not sure which one of my siblings this applies to…if convicted you have not heart repented for this. Well on wikitree I have ancestry…a bit met my cousin didn’t do to much…did put just Chuck got his permission and myself dna on the site. I do not have the rest of the siblings did not care for the format and how to use it. Now my cousin Shirley Davis, also tied to Ehrman’s, the Ehrman history is not totally should have stopped and another cousin did this not me, we both Shirley and I argued with her, Shirley had Daddy and Mom out there and went to Ehrman family reunions Beth knew nothing about family history she thought Ehrman her side German no family stories. Shirley Davis had this in her write up…it was copied and pasted I believe this to be it the actual news clip she copied.

Evelyn Ehrman was the daughter of Herbert J and Esther Saalfrank.[1] She was born October 12, 1929 in Indiana. She married Robert C. Ehrman Sr. on January 17, 1948.

She passed away June 17, 1991 in Zephyrhills, Florida. She was survived by her husband Robert; three sons, Robert C. Jr. of Dade City, Fla., Carey Allen of Ridge Manor, Fla., and Christopher Lee of Lacoochee, Fla.; three daughters, Connie Lou HARRIS of Lacoochee, Cynthia Sue JACOBS of Phoenix and Cheryl Lynn BRUBAKER of Yorktown, Pa.; three brothers, Ralph SAALFRANK of Rome City, Harold SAALFRANK of Angola; and Stephen WRIGHT of Fort Wayne; a sister, Dorothy GALL of Denver, and 15 grandchildren.

Funeral services were held Thursday in Dade City, Fla.
Burial was in Floral Memory Gardens in Dade City.

If you notice the number listed, also notice what Daddy did, the man knew I never lived in Phoenix. He put my mom’s half brother, before her full sister, and he called her by a different name. He knew how to spell Gale I don’t…not my job…nor my sister.

I believe God is calling out one of my siblings, why? because He has now called them to follow Him, clean it up get on board or say hello to Hell.

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