Never Seen Daddy So Pissed

Daddy was grind the teeth pissed at Chuck and his daughter heather, for not putting that black child in the name of its father she gave it the Ehrman name…Daddy did not want his name tied to that child as that was not an Ehrman child to him. I have never heard daddy over and over about something before. Well Daddy didn’t know it all hahaha but he believed God kept a pure bloodline somewhere, I think he felt tied to that. Daddy didn’t understand dna and Jacob, it was not a big thing people doing dna tests then. Yet Daddy was right!! The X that a son carries is the mother not the father, so the X is a Peek not an Ehrman. So lots more info has come about. Daddy would have been sooooooooo excited at what all I found on Ehrmann’s, it would have bore witness to what was in him. Well stay tuned you have to know your bible and dna…takes 2.

Well Chuck like Cheri they are the yuppies of family to me, I don’t think liked the rules of Daddy…nor the belt correction…Chuck seemed to need that more or to an older age, just like my J did where his dad was concerned. It didn’t happen that often, it was the fact of age, shouldn’t need that. Doesn’t even Yeshua talk about the lashes for goodness sakes. Well they didn’t know Yeshua.

Never never in my life with daddy, did I have something pounded into me. In all the correction rules you name it..never saw I could see it and hear it telling me over and over. Chuck does not have one child to my knowledge that is able to stand without help from them. How do I even know?? Cheri and him are buddies, I hear from Cheri…plus see…heard from Con about KY shit with Chucks son, so Chuck needed bailed out and Con and Larry helped. Well God did not choose first borns he traded them in for priests, tribe of Levi? A tribe that stood with Moses, and God made them priests, and God was their inheritance. Well what does Yeshua have? Priests and Kings so God hasn’t changed…priests were to minister to God….He with Yeshua opened that door wide open with “whosoever”

So I think Daddy did have within him about bloodline battle…even though he never talked about that except with me. He was so excited and felt Mom was gift of that bloodline thing too he told me. Like he realized it later but was thankful. We just talked some interesting stuff.

Funny thing about Daddy and his grandpa Robert Ehrman, is that, that man refused to learn and talk English. So daddy couldn’t even talk to him really. Grandpa, Dad’s Dad, was first born in USA of the children.

Of course when I got PG, mother talked to me, so she must have had it thrown in her face or came out of my dad’s mouth to her as she warned me of this. Sooner or later it will be thrown in your face that that child didn’t have to be his. Well it was just like mom said. Well the dna proved it with my big brother. I would urge J to get tested and prove it for me to his dad!! And prove it to his dad. Well the only company you can use is as ancestry has removed the house of israel lines from their dna tests… however I uploaded my ancestry to familytreedna to see. different readings…well then ancestry makes software changes…changed what showed in me…well everyone really. It was that update I showed up on all these ancestors back to 180 AD…what click on my site. Well Bob said as a programmer you make changes as you want certain info…so to him it was on purpose…I saw it cause I didn’t clear cookies would just leave my puter without rebooting…never closed Fire Fox to clear cookies….led of Lord? as now rebooting all the time lol battle time though.

Wow this could go on forever with dna… because from my research, there is a closer tie with one of my ggranddad Peek who isn’t Peek, but like one of his sons got the person pg just dna seems to high to me for George and I. With the dna I found out ggrandpa Peek was really a Paynter, adopted. It happened to Dorothy Moore…Angel her daughter is from brother of her husband…or could be. and the children I did read about old times hospital with dna, finding out babies switched. oh the research trying to prove brother said he was gentile, why cause they don’t know how God does things. In some ways it is understandable…as Yeshua warns about those calling themselves Jews and are not… so what did Paul do…made everyone house of Israel?? meaning church, that follow him of course.

I just makes me sick, Yeshua made it so simple yet no followers…and breaks my heart. I mean to feel like there is only one man on this earth I would even want to talk to?? pretty scary to me what world is.

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