You Raise Me Up

You Raise Me Up

Daddy and I when together always smoked together. I did create a cig pack background site will put this there too. Actually the first site alone…on hosting.. could have lots if’n ya want one. Could put up well it would cost a bit for 6 I am adding cousin Daryl too son’s cousin. Of course already did a blog for sisters business site they can blog on.. nothing changed from original sent him…log in and password stuff I mean. I am not sure they know to put at end /wp-admin though.

Well chatting as I do thought about Daddy and a song came to mind also a pic of he and I fit the song to me… funny too around puter which here am I. This is the picture of us.

Well this is the song also kinda fitting too as there I am on his shoulder…and Windows 98 showing we were booting up to do things together on the puter sharing his seat? Can’t totally tell and don’t remember but also fitting as he did raise me up…as a child too.


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