Adam’s Lake and Eve Lake in Lagrange County, Indiana

Adam’s Lake and Eve Lake in Lagrange County, Indiana




  Adam’s Lake is where my mother’s mom had a cottage.  This is where we were taken most the time as mom did not work so would drive us up there.  We were pretty young.  Sometimes grandma would take just a couple of us with her…if we went with her, she always stopped at a fruit stand and purchased a bushel of fruit for us snacks.



That house was 2 story, main entrance was second story, so you had to go down steps to enter living area.  To go up to top floor you had to turn left and climb a few more steps.  Dormitory room upstairs with many beds.  On farthest side starting lake front was double bed, then double bed (grandma and grandpa bed) then by smaller window facing back, was a single bed.  Other side of room starting lake front, was Uncle Steve’s (mom’s half brother) single bed with built extended length as he was tall.  Moving toward backyard 2 more double beds.  Under those beds stored mattresses for grandchildren if mom’s brothers and sister came.  Mom always slept same side her mother but up front lake bed.  There was like a triple want to say maybe double dresser between Mom’s bed and her mothers, with a big mirror on it.  Remember grandma having a giant jar of noxema there, that was put on us if we got sun burnt.

Lake front windows upstairs were huge ceiling to floor…had to lift hang handle to ceiling for open.  Grandpa had built many many bird houses that were hanging in them trees for wrens only, small hole so other birds could not get at them.  So wrens singing was constant there, that is what you heard.   This link has several of their calls.. singing we heard mostly probably because of their houses built  haha

The lower area kitchen dining area, had as I remember 4 or 5 Oak round table and chair sets in it.  In the front one corner was grandma’s rocking chair and next to her was grandpa’s with I remember a gold spit tune  as he was a tobacco chewer.  Then 2 Oak table chair sets.  Us children were bathed at the sink area just remember her white with red edges metal? bowls pans she used even for dishes as was big sink so one for rinse and one for wash.

There were concrete steps and sidewalk with door for entrance to lower level…I remember a bathroom in the laundry area but no shower do I remember  grandpa used to bathe in the lake using Ivory soap as it floated.  Washed his head and everything with it.  

There was a dock with grandpa’s row boat for fishing, he fished all the time, mostly caught as I remember blue gill and perch.  He had his own worm bed, and a minnow net to catch minnows for fishing.  The net required 2 people to go along the shore line, we would do that for him once trained and old enough.

There was a concrete step down into shallow end right by start of dock nice firm beach sand.  We were not permitted in the water till the sun was on the step, that was close to 10 a.m.  On that lake fisherman had the lake to themselves till 10 a.m. as I recall then the speed boats could come out with skiing and things like that.  Grandpa had cain poles for us children to use to fish off the docks and we could walk down 3 doors to the Zimmerman’s dock to fish, they were not there much had lots of tall weed plant life and I believe we were related to them, grandma was.

Now I might be wrong about this, but from what I remember if us girls were able to go to the lake with grandma, it was more Cheri and I that would go…Connie was not the outdoorsy type as much stayed more with mom.  She of course always was there when mom took us.

Out in the yard area by the lake, grandpa had built an outdoor rock grill cooking area.  Down by the water was a huge flag pole and they had a huge American flag.  There was also a weeping willow tree down there.




That is the basic layout I remember of the place.



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