Daddy teaching me to drive

Daddy teaching me to drive
Well this story must have been important as it disappeared from my chats with Matthew. So I will do him this and post this story I told him. I don’t always tell my happenings.

When we were well getting older, mom would drive us to the lake to see and stay with her mom at Adam’s Lake. Well she on those back roads would let ones drive the car, started of course with my big brother, they my older sister, then me she wanted to do this. I said NO I don’t want to drive. So with me never doing this with mom, that tossed me to my Daddy. I did mention on another post the type girl I was, into playing all kinds of everything..didn’t mention other city sport tournaments was in though like tennis. So basically involved and did about anything, unlike my sisters.

At the time it was new subdivision, so not much north of us.. Daddy made me go drive we went north got on a road to curved and turned into St Joe road, with us having the right of way as in no stop signs or anything on that curve. A road though did come to it I think as showed him map.. Mathue or something I don;t even care tried to look up again and google maps block me. We got to that curve and I saw car sitting there am sure said AAAHHH and put my hands over my face and eyes, as in crash. Daddy reached over and turned the wheel and we did not hit her..and made me continue driving. Well next up was a stoplight at St Joe Center road we had to make a left turn at to get back home. The light was green so I didn’t slow down and made a dangerous turn.. Then we did get back home again. Yes he did give me instruction and made comments. Well I told Matthew but that was not the weird part.

The weird part is that it was not one of our family cars. It was a rental car. Like who does that? Well I did say, I am sure Daddy was shocked that this daughter not afraid of anything played everything refused to drive??? I just said maybe he took that to God..and if crash it won’t be in one of his vehicles. So an interesting driving lesson…I did have permit, so am sure insurance would have paid maybe. Weird it was to me.

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