Letter From Daddy

I think Daddy sent me this after mom passed before he remarried. He also did this type writing for my sons, which I believe I have given to them when Bob and I separated. Chuck used to tell me of course that he was dads best friend I do believe. Don’t know he ever received anything in writing as I did.

So I thought I would have just a pages area to kinda keep things between Dad and I. Of course I can’t think of any ministry other than talking…I did once send him a CD told him to listen to a particular song. First commandment really Yeshua mentions… This was a church service recording, just loved it as it was having people give their heart, mind and soul to the Lord…well I had done that…told the Lord we humans can’t grasp that kind of Love ask the Lord to help me with it give me a heart like Yeshua. Only thing I could really tell Daddy to do through worship…as he had sent me a CD or maybe I purchased what he told me can’t remember…if Daddy said something I usually paid attention. Well of course I was born on my Daddy’s birthday…so we had the same day.

Birthday Letter From Daddy
Birthday Letter From Daddy

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