Stand Up Stand Up

I actually remember more than I thought I would for these years…as my baby brother born 1956 I think can’t look of course as I have been shut down on ancestry. I remember Mom bathing him at the kitchen sink, so he was little. I remember her singing to him after dressing him and stand him up on that kitchen counter and sing “Stand Up Stand Up for Jesus” Well everyone knew Him by that name me too till reticently…but when you find truth you don’t go backwards. She also did something funny to me with him, she would brush his baby hair up standing it up top his head…and roll it around her finger and make it look like a mow hawk …so he had this line top head with that rolled. Funny…don’t even know if there is a pic of such thing but boy do I remember it.  Of course we all knew Him as Jesus…

The desire of Mom’s heart was to have a child that would preach the Gospel. So this was a known song by all the family and they would even sing it in church sometimes. Believe me, I am the totally last person of her children she would ever think that possible of…only Daddy would feel such a way about me not Mom.

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