I am absolutely the worst of my Ehrmann’S (Air man) we chose (ermine mink) as a pronunciation.  Son’s GGgrandfather Jacob changed to Jacobs coming this country.

My siblings in doing things like sending holiday cards..however you see some yrs they happen lots then a quiet time.  This year heard from siblings lots of ways…and want to send you all our ___________ best and all we expect in the Future…Our way.  First up to bat is naturally your children..for me them the 2 J’s … only their mom saw them find out as I did…where belong not one better than other but equals…on different paths chosen by Father the needs within my Family house the Ehrman’s and House of silence but given to Father I did and asked Him to raise for me.  Shocked He did not remove them from me Mom…in silent house where God was concerned.  A search around the English speaking world I looked, knowing it had had to be a 1. Prophet as that is what Yeshua sent, but like me set path see do same as I did so really know me.  A heart desire hope to find and did.  So celebrate with me 2 this year .. what just kept hearing Father say my divorce is He would understand see better than books knows better than Father take to His words there.  With this divorce I even believe for my EX that he will understand why I can no longer live with Him and DO work WE finding each other are called to do…like hear we do.. Jubilee over over I am reminded from Father for myself in this.  Not required for any other in my Family if willing do get in line houses.  Required for me because of the promise of God that house..God does not break promises…to be RECOVERED…by Matthew and I my house Ehrmann’s as scripture said. Amos 9:8 (KJV) Behold, the eyes of the Lord GOD are upon the sinful kingdom, and I will destroy it from off the face of the earth; saving that I will not utterly destroy the house of Jacob, saith the LORD.  This not the verse I saw but will put as this searched and also fitting.  If Father want it added He will give me and I will add it.

My son’s will list first for the Calling that He put on them..and they will do for Matthew and I…for sheep to hear and the dividing of nations  this puts them in a higher position too being Levites that they are.  So on with the Blessing to you all this season…and a thanks and what I saw with cards from each I did receive.  My son’s needed to be separated from mom for Matthew and I to show them their call.  Matthew really alone knows what the future holds for my Ehrman’s, but asked him with my temper oh yes that man has one 2 combining us…that we understand between us needs to come out..and wife know it is not her place to prevent it and able to live understanding seeing tempers at world we are dealing with..can’t be held back, them know it is not directed at their spouse..get houses in proper orders.  God is a God of Law and man head of it which I was set that man no change me there needed know same path we see eye to eye.  He did sight unseen or known in person.. put on display my power with Father Daddy’s girl and my sons and house Ehrman’s pre launching, to over come that idol Jezebel.  We displayed wow power and ain’t seen nothing yet…wowed Him in what Father had given Him…no one for a while will overcome that man and me together No one…but He understands the same as I do…

I pressure this as I want out of here..KY was going to and started to do..pack my camping gear…crushed Him..demanded show of power not together or ready yet my side of the Family.  Word..presence He puts me all time yell at.. some get taste here the presence of the Lord from where they have no business.  I knew that presence so does my son’s.  There is no comparison what that man can do to me…I will even tell him stop it..let me work…He will back off.  Try when no stop me..get up woe…and sometimes to walk forward leaning sliding down side of the wall..strenth over me He has being ONE even thou not yet in worlds eyes…but so in Fathers…moment left house after delivered paper..  Guessing as no have asked yet.. reason is protection of me, when has never met my Family.. He will if need be protect me from them…therefore does not want me to go without Him.  My family has never met such a Prophet of God’s…never…well more than a Prophet He is.

Anyway we have chatted about a lot of this on  where I Yak at Him.  My Family will be permitted to see what He chooses for you to see not me…ifn’n you are interested.  I will publish this much now get to cards and what I saw and noticed within them tomorrow…if permitted.  We Love All and Pray for All souls, as they All belong to God.  We Love You and thanks for wowing my true husband, by spirit soul mind and body we are.  C YA  Hint of coming attractions.. We Will take over this dam holiday… any bets?

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