J My Man What A Power Play

Tidings of great joy to you and your’s.  Keep eye out watch your brother jump back to Mom and you side by side hon.  Had to be done just like you saw Mom had to come here KY.  Thank you for standing for Father, and your Mom.  Love the phrase.. is it “Against all odds”?  The truths mom dropped within things son makes me so proud thankful as song says Father chose your Mom…  You know am sure that all the website names are wrong.  There is only 1 name under heaven by which man can be saved.  It ain’t English.  Truth remains same…teachings that did come forth are truths…We still have wrong name.. So son, we need to find the true Aramaic name of Christ  Messiah…Not there yet.  wow wow Father that you chose thanksgiving place… wow..pointed out black catholics power house them never discuss you had no clue existed.  You cousin Daryl went that direction…I sent him the copy I have still not correct…but wow the man English with heart and knowledge of Father for some more truth…just as our ancestors pressed forward playing games…to see what side wins.  A game that will continue outside play for tops.  You and Matthew see too, why Rev when He comes no man know the name.  It not English…wow pushed Mom to prower forced hand was not yet ready to put you son’s in yet..as u working with certain peeps my family.  Cheri played game..world gov Masons and higher that.  Cheri and I slept together as u 2 boys..with bed twin..sometimes moved all directions…side by side..push together K size wall to wall angles one at foot other.. think them room change furniture u boys mom do…those are God moves hon…not man…Father had me move u all ways…u watch mom change furniture around all time..seasons of it. Bob hated when I flip our bed opposite but I did, narrower wall can’t have 2 side tables….but me go without do..what love roll out bed mstr bath 3 steps for his up and down trips.  that funny time u J only time did that…mom that side no table right by door.

Come sit stare me at my head…wait watch…u hungry want eat..but no wake mom..till see her eye move open…fight u i would..see how long sit stare me not saying one word.  I could squich my eyes u knew then…me know u presence there..u go long time u would…now did mom tell dad that?  well of course she did that weird child.  did mom know why weird?  mom weird play u…now if men heard something like that would say or keep self no even ponder that child?  never do bed flipped dad side, and never come all way in go around bed to get to me…then say something no sit stare.  cute things u…stand out things u…Josh he just want to follow u…u wake stone with bat hit u baby brother head…………….word the blood that head wound…ran as lived Maharajah close dinedine..ran there her see…instant dr we had…them would even have her close on patients.. she had know how to be dr trained by dr.  If ever needed she could remove apendix do self.  She had more knowledge than most.  Them try force her do abortions.. did a couple think say no way baby…so force try push dine dine..she stand against.  DineDine loved me..introduced me ppl..the daughter she wish she had of boar herself… inlaws don’t say such…and am sure flew over top of peoples heads even hear but came out her mouth re me.

She say me..she hoped I would show her spiritual path…me no do.. say that me fine.. but she never never ask me 1 question she had so never say no ask me…say if asked I did my life… not my job…ask question me, that I can point, will do.  Your mom very different…was that God?  or man put in u mom?  Order?  I see so much more that is God doing cause my heart for Daddy and turn over son’s Him..realized no can do…that came more cause of mom toward me…not my daddy..and who rule that house?  show down..I chose wisely.  Thankfully never really see happen..but knew..like J watch see…comes back u.,,no kiss mom pissed dad, when make up…dad huging her at sink..sometimes did see grab do dance moves kitchen.  Who who let me glimpse that?  my siblings may have never..now would love to find out by golly.  We don’t try to…well we just didn’t know if could even be taught..mom heart creative try. see who runs with it see?  Did u dad go time where no more mom kiss by hello  u bet test..will u come to me..say I missed u at my door never happen…so did say though… only one happy to see me is the dog..nonnie…mention that one a few times.

Son’s  J especially as Father made sure u went to a wowed u all men gathering.  Men do have heart and desire and no understand why not see Power..how fix do not know…how many hungry to try try try,,,when there is absolutely nothing wrong with following tiny path see.  Mom thinks J will see and do hearts desire world tell…and mind heart of Messiah given u…so question… do u have desire train u children path tiny..see do?  train see God show up  youbetcha…and Josh too…that boy put down lower and he was by age…and assignments.  Josh much better games…much better know mom music..so has edge in areas for reason.

Dine dine shocked I was woman used TIDE…why..cause u dad tiny but talk see commercials that is if u notice u children…stop play watch..u did that both u..grab them children they do.  She have in grocery basket..he point it Mom TIDE she no use it.  Who remembers?  Does a man usually go also grocery with mom and tiny ones?  mouths babes…no… but do them hear about it as to weird do how much u want to bet them were told…no see anything..  God? u tell me.

did them sublimital msges way way way back tv…stealth.  Hard part for me is Matthew, not sure how much more mom can take man no stand look me face to face person mouth speak..  I don’t need him to hear Father…neither do either of u.

Another question…can satan put that type off balanced power over someone?  make u think oh wow power of God???????????????  you betcha…mom forced hand when not truly ready yet my family  did Matthew test my family  mom say truth…u betcha.  So that is why what you do..is given to no man…there is none not now and maybe not future me.  Is all mom said truth..them could see old men not have to take a young one to produce more u betcha..

So my plan…at this point..well carey say door closed to all my fam…but pray for me… now tempted i was..to say.. I never ask for u prayer…good thing u no touch me…bit tongue i did.  I have never asked..cept sisters we not high power anyway…  and parents…I no want shit jump me from u…so me no circle hold hand touch in church person get it… church need cast out all bases language  that be a man speak tongues..taught..cast out teach all in one… ask by pastor church…is ther anyone present seake different language?  raise hand….great to ssee u  cove that language cast out.  same with all areas..if get onboard…thru all space signals u name it write cast out all language..probably can do Father  no use Messiah name even ssee something for sure..  so to me Father is one with power..u can stay catholic believe it is a man u told no call them… or usee that name..what told to use and He used himself  see why no need Matthew to do?

So J my man, question, can world me battle in…take over css what ever u call or make tool do for wordpress rename  use cast out auto language..add that sucker?  Now Josh would love that one…grab me now… so strategy plans…got to  cast out before raise dead..heal..sent to do if Father has not turned u into one them  hey…I got a brother..can do.. and think too sister that by 2..plus me what ever I am.  maybe we can go find talk them language ppl..see how mom go plant seed dream sibling prophets. my choice see if see or no dream me seed u.

Options we have son’s we are greater if Father ssay go do..me and u already say him we do…look at like movie the 3 amigoes…  Father is High power Yo 17

Well that take over css nameing mom try look…mom do have power in Father’s name as instructed…He sent prophets..what do prophets do?  Speak the words of GOD  hahaha we have tons if want me as them words already there too for us… u see?  We have the words of God already now whomever uses them words say thus saith the Lord..is prophet  yes?  u speak man mix u suck man… so have tools to start..don’t need prophet if use word of God.  that is why mom say..pop screen them 1 vrs…put in front it thus saith the Lord..as him did say it.  Father has everything u need just burried.. but there.  Happy Santa day  My sight might not be Matthews…. could that also be his well time is about out mom will proceed.. there will be a place to take momin in FL  God will prove me broke if that how go.  Back to bed I go.

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