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Christmas was a fun time it always is with children, that is what Christmas is about more.. a time of year to give gifts to ones you love.  More it was what we all knew with the christian religion.  I did write and need to move to this site about J how funny.  Joshua hated Santa and would cry not want to be on that mans lap as a young one…had to have big brother go with him to even go.

Well I learned from their grandmother (dinedine) they all called her, but it was actually the name Daryl had for some reason not sure how it came about.  Well in talking with her about about how she did with her children at Christmas, she did have some great things.. I did incorporate them.  The best was they could only ask really for 1 big kinda gift from Santa.  Of course they got many gifts…but them had who from.. so from mom and dad…or just no name.  Now that toy and only that toy…was set out unwrapped to see.  Gifts from other people all wrapped under the tree.  So really my son’s knew there was no Santa when pretty young really.

Their dad, every Christmas would for breakfast make a wonderful omelette gosh had tomato slices even in it… well Joshua has carried this forward… I have no clue about J, as Nat don’t like him to cook…she a complainer…something always wrong with how he cooks and he is just trying to give her a break.  Well you want to hear a thank you for goodness sakes.. I don’t blame him for not doing it…and J a wonderful cook…both son’s are so is their dad.

Well Christmas eve was spent at DineDine’s.  The family would come, always Cookie Rita Ann, as well as Daryl we would get to see them Ped and Diana.  Well and seemed like always every year.. at time she have it 5:00 pm think…we would get there early never cooked or brought anything she did everything..  Now Cookie would always bring as she went to Betty’s a lot after her divorce…the did hand crafts the same.. she always brought Sheep Dip more as brother called it hors d’oeuvre or appetizer.

.  So always had things to get into.  Now sometimes even Cookie would bring forget name for a desert… made on a full cookie sheet… wow was good… had cream cheese fruit on a kinda cookie type thing.  Betty always made along with what ever she decided for meal on top of as that would change..but always made Pozoli she learned to make when they lived in Albuquerque.  Well Bob always got to take all that was left of the pot home and that was eaten the rest of the full day Christmas day so I didn’t have to cook at all.. for me a day I didn’t get dressed at all.  Well the dip for sheep dip I think she would use Knor spinich dip inside or sometimes another one.. and a huge type bread round high pull pieces out cleaning spot inside bread..put dip inside…pieces all around then pull bread apart eat.

It’s a Wonderful Life, seemed to play every year that very same time and would be on TV then.  So those things incorporated into what we did…now Betty loved to watch the children open gifts…so often would drive over early morning to our house and be there to watch.  Every year, all got a hand made ornament from her stuck to their gift.

Well the big joke with her and son Bob…is he was a ba-humbug she would make him them type ornaments…wall hangings etc.  In some ways yes.. like any card came in the mail.. he would say is there any money in it… if not he wasn’t interested, but that man every year, DineDine would watch them boys after end eating…would go with me last minute shopping to Toys or US, and buy them what he wanted them to have…not stingy at all at that time of year what so ever.  Now he and I had an agreement never to buy for each other.. agreed for children not us.. well I would always have something new socks which the man needed, he hated I did that but would say you need them…so I would be up late wrapping cause of him.

I used that and before school started to get them boys cloths, shoes them out grow, became a funny thing did buy them shoes till quite old I did…plus they did get a few things had certain things always in the stockings every year… new tooth brush them needed lots of little things like that stuff with.. so it was more needs from my end…deodorant when older certain colones them liked.. video game if that age… Now Bob on the other hand would well different he did.. but like a microscope, doctor stuff, guns, just had different things he would always do.  Bob spent a lot on them boys so no Ba-Humbug she say.

Christmas I was fine for the first few years…but boy then I wanted to be with my family so became a very hard time for me, and often cried at Christmas songs about being home.  Bob one year did something so funny too with me will never forget it…cause we didn’t exchange gifts it was a time for children we were adults.  Will write those on another post maybe, as I also when they were older could read… started doing scavenger hunts for their large gift as they knew there was no santa but us.


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