Mom Jacobs Christmas songs

I was sad at Christmas and Thanksgiving really all those years there you also desire to be with and have your children to know both sides of the family for the holidays.  Mine never did get to experience that with their grand parents on their mom’s side of family.  So will write about some under the Ehrman side and what the Family did.

Anyway pulled up Alabama first had their albums too  the one by Alabama “Tennessee Christmas”of course years ago think looked up this about the holiday and it was thought had to do with St. Christopher, leaving gifts outside doors on this day..maybe just maybe trying to convert them heathens that had the day?? have no clue not going to go look now. and other Elvis, Christmas song this “I’ll be home for Christmas”and one of Elvis that time of year every single year….made me cry want to be with my family…never happened till separated. Those could have even been months I would get in trouble for high phone bills even not sure…over the holidays.

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