Reason For DNA Testing

Reason’s To Get DNA Family Stories

With their dad and my marriage I would talk with Shirley Jacobs-Kopp the sister of their dad’s dad.  She is the one to tell me that her dad was Jewish.  I did ask their grandmother and she did know this as I recall too.  Shirley would tell me stories how they were not allowed to mention that they were Jewish.  So this from her child school days.  She did not go into why.  My guess might be the war, plus maybe as her dad did I believe become Christian.  Now I met her dad Arthur Jacobs however his wife had passed shortly after meeting their dad, so I never met Charlotte (Lottie).  I met Shirley as she lived with her dad as she had married a short time and got divorced, John Kopp his name, no children.

Ydna House of the father women can also get

Upon returning after separation last time, I had found an interesting site about dna.  It explained a woman can’t get the house she was born in except she use her dad or a brother etc because of the Ydna passing.  Jewish and from Lithuania were the family stroies.  There to me was only one way to prove that true, that was with dna.  In the bible Old Testament I had seen that happen to people back then.  They did not have so called required proof therefore they were not accepted as Jews.  This ancient happenings of men even then, huge groups of people.

Ydna House of the father proof

So I asked my son’s dad to take the Ydna test along with asking my big brother to take it too, I would pay for it.  They each agreed and I purchased the kits for both of them.  I wanted proof of the family story I had heard…plus knew my daddy would have loved to know as he always felt he was Jewish.  I did find out that the mother’s mtdna passes to the son, and that even with a daughter they somehow knew who’s was who’s of the 2 X’s they carried.

Plus I had done some more things with ancestry once again.  During this time I talked to my mother’s brother Uncle Ralph, and found out that their dad was even related to my cousin because the woman he married was same bloodline as their dad’s mom.  So we even share a cousin the same on my side of family.  His wife a Carper, which was Big G’s maiden name Mary Carper, their dads mother’s mother.

This the beginning and reason for search…and interested in house of father as pedigrees are done by God…not man.

Numbers 1:18 (KJV) And they assembled all the congregation together on the first day of the second month, and they declared their pedigrees after their families, by the house of their fathers, according to the number of the names, from twenty years old and upward, by their polls.

DNA Stories

People found out some very interesting things, I did read many stories on searches.  Found them using sperm banks for men not able to produce but both husband and wife wanting the wife to carry a child rather than adopt.  Choice of sperm like a resume.  This one man had like wow lots of children…and these kept secret so they couldn’t find out who the heck was their bio dad.  Stories of finally finding babies got mixed up in hospital go home with wrong parents.   Interesting stories out there.  Skeletons in the closet for dna.

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