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Music I added for my son’s

Good morning all. A good day for this most just don’t understand that or how it can even be good. My eldest son paid me a visit this morning even we had a nice talk. What is funny is he showed up after I added the mix I made for just the home page. Why funny? I am not sure my son even knows I am able to do this and he in high school used to do it. That child had 2 record players and would do this scratching mixing and make his own music. Well he thought just maybe he would want to be a DJ. I thought well there is a J in that. You might ask why same picture for both. We are to be “one” Yo 17.

Well I don’t ever know if sons have seen this site and the pictures I added for them both. Josh can play drums too and they both can play guitar’s. Now Joshua was only one with keyboard I don’t think J was ever drawn to it. Joshua usually wanting to be with his brother jumped also to interests of J. One thing about the picture of the boat. It is kinda close to the picture that their grandma Jacobs (dinedine) painted. It was my picture, I had a lot of her paintings. When Bob and I separated last time I gave to son’s. They chose back and forth choosing the painting they wanted. J has this painting.

Well in scripture even you sometimes or at least I was taken to a few spots where certain children were favored over others. I cannot say that about myself at all..I love and feel God has blessed each with gifts from Him not the world. My daddy tried very hard to treat us all the same so that was what I witnessed in our large family. His expectations the same for all even regarding grades in school. He did not demand high grades…but every child would carry a C or above. Rule applied to all. He never raved that I remember of any child that did carry high grades to make anyone else feel they had failed. Didn’t play 1 child against the other that way. What stands out is if one of us got a D or F.. then something was heard by all. So I have no clue whatsoever if one of us were smarter. I remember my little brother..when we returned to Ft Wayne after living and going to public school..then being again put in private, they held my little brother back a year. I remember Daddy being pissed but not at my little brother…he was pissed with Anderson public schools. I was the same with my son’s or tried to be, their dad stayed out of things, my dad signed report cards. Again an order in the house. And funny thing I have my little brother Carey’s 1st grade report card from there. Have no clue how I ended up with it.

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