It was not very long after starting how say..calling?  Knowing son’s call from Father… this song was posted… as this their job…well seems to be mine too.  I also would like to add with Samantha’s favorite song she would go to the lake with me and stay.. or take her to kinder garden and in so many ways they tie together.  Now Samantha would ask grandma questions as wanted to know why I always listened to this music…haha so some fun conversations with a grand child.

Watching Sammie oh how she missed her mom and even Monica Tarr I think… I would cry with her…and tell her I understood… I believe Father gave her this choice.. to help her have a peace within the storm that child felt at a divorce they don’t understand.  So did God show up for her added healing and strength for a song..letting her know they are always there in your heart.. I believe so and funny to me they tie together. I am guessing on Monica…at that age…but I feel Josh probably took her down there he and Shawn friends.  Only Josh would know.

That child had the best of the best for her young years…living with both my sons and her grandma to boot… it don’t get any better than that for youth years for a child rearing.

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