Xmass Cards What Do U See?

I expected to get this done yesterday never happened..Got up with Father this morning  I think He had me preach…ask Matthew now that He is up OK?on minethat He the sleeping Giant seems to overpowered me on…but mentioned my plan Him sent Him to bed.  So posted with Father on that one..As felt was preaching not focused re this holiday.  Mentioned this then me.  Rev 12:17. And the Dragon raged against the woman and went to make war with the remnant of her Seed, these who keep the commandments of God
and have the testimony of Yeshua.  This I am doing..reminding me of child born knowing we are One..so that why see no woman soul heaven Rev vision.. and some things will not be reveled us till we are together in flesh as well.  As makes me wonder if Vision first then 2 books may help see why Vision show human separate.. Books show as male. Yo 14.

I had mentioned to Matthew as I feel know His heart…will maybe be heart of many elder people who meet or met their One and wondered why couldn’t have I bore a child from my ONE this earth.  I told Him if this is His heart and question and I am right…then maybe that is why Yeshua said Mt 8:11  as I look that verse and that was not any I wanted to sit down with.,,I wanted Yeshua.  So said Matthew..well u know who u need to sit ask about..as they got old age from an old woman Abraham did..how?  Make me understand why Sarah laughed.  So if that His heart and He go court…I would say yes I would do if Father make u a way for that.  Most old men get young girl to do.  My God all things possible and He knows that also.  (hear question Matthew from Father, Bless u coming and going first last last first?)  me don’t know.  So He if desire had already my answer that..go to court.  This a birthing talk about time of year.  Matthew and I are opposites in how we walked alone even though both of us already have children.  and with that hear this song maybe apply many God knows hearts not man.

Now regarding what I see just kinda looking what got.. I will list my siblings last first might help see seasons? birthing, birthday Yeshua…and man of God has to continue game world I understand that He knows it..and why..do for Him what I hear see..if we can be blasting each other..needed for job..knowing it is job not at me..no hit send me out to walk dog..even if feel bothers u.. 2 words take.. walk dog..my daddy say me…use belt correction never hand use, hands are for LOVE  So off to scanning cards etc and what see as know men have to do and play that way outside Fathers house…always have demon game..Son’s fix protect His family.  C YA  will post come back finish.

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