A Battle but works

This I purchased back when J and I discussed sites before trump election…anyway sent then snap of page i designed for jw site… they auto updated me and no vs 4 worked no more…plus godaddy blocked it even being viewed up there..helped me ftp it up.. so have no clue if will work on new thing but this a cook one will do…once on diff hosting.. will look for version maybe put it..but the original one had auto google languages…and the dang think auto German language…always had to change it…well would not use the 5 as it didn’t make my 4 vs open so pissed me off…easy to do these days.  Thought would let hacks geeks at it to use am sure them build sites… so anyway they sent it me and removed the language… i refused to upgrade..so don’t know about v 5.


So leave here for a bit…going to send geeks hacks…them might be able to stop godaddy shit.

I will upload my v 4 when find it am busy.  hahhaa


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