Hey sons wheeewww made it lol

hahaha  word and that dog laid out all new things snapped  lol  then to find place connect  shit they blew away BK  try try..reset again after  now have 2 connects them  log in depending who guest weird shit dam…anyway went Con’s them no home try c there all locked there…so headed into dade city want to find dade city realty it is judgment day that ass hole .

anway am sure carey sent me bk shut it down  lol  as was a bad hot spot..not not no more  lol  thought try wendies  well dunkin next door and when we live AZ tempe u dad me sundayn go there him loved their coffee and it was cop hang out..we used to get doz not always but we both loved their bear claws think had…well or get doz ..so am on that…laughted there was a welcome 36  lol  so will be back need to talk larry find lot.  ttyl

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