Lite Year Almost Here – Need Armour – Seed – Tongues

Note to tell u mom will setup directory called download on this u site..lightning thunder site..fishers site tools..farming tools…mom no programmer top peps know how use..see how mom led on find.  blow them away if no want feed peeps…only will b there open source and fear cause peeps get shut down when mom do see things want…K?  as J say. LU my Big brother use for Love You.  sept he use lower case…no no game no want to.

I woke as always early and refused to get on here as power plays are going on for your mom… and yes last time..staying at Chris’s…I did several times feel presence of David Harris there in FL…  So a question….could God have your one around the full time KY yet you never be involved that way ever.  He is and has been a friend, gentleman, and one of the best men I have ever known.  If not for David, when Bob no care I go spend the night and travel with me driving….if David didn’t have her girl who took him in at separation… he was protecting your mom’s honor…as world could claim, I went and slept with the man.. get it?

What David got after me starting to train with him, with magnum u dog… he was burnt out his place destroyed…have to rebuild…well Bob did pay that training to try to keep magnum.  David tested us both…handling that dog…to even decide who should be the one to train him.  David say that breed doberman was it rittie or shepherd mix is bad news bears…no mix them…tested him say me..that dog no do bite work no.  He did however want to observe that dog watching bite work…so backed me way back from it…stand let dog watch…I want observe that dog watching bite work.  David has more knowledge more heart than most…observation we all noticed he did.

Parker could not take heat…call me out of group training make go shade that dog.  You don’t see as I trained many places that type observation skills.  So question..a man with that type, would he only be such with dogs?  or is it a GOD gift hidden…he recognize in u mom same gift…never met one like himself.  So another question after gun shot just heard go off 3:52 stove time… also be a hidden man of the word?  Knowing it is not God?  what world sees has?  Just askin.. pics have woe hard me grasp…but power plays well cause even David is seeing my new things Father poured into me me say stop I can no remember all that say.  Could same happen to Father’s chosen?  Well I have visually seen David once when got pup to get a crate to use her.. every other see..tell go do…so don’t put God in a box.

I could not find Angelbrez  finally found her…laying mstr bath…on have a cushy gray step out shower mat there.  Any way..David also a kinda man seed word plants.  I did put up on u cousins site u copyright  Trying to set up players in diff areas.  Should David step into that with his dog stories he has had a heart to write a book..I want u boys to protect that just like u mom’s writings ok.  Well they have robbed a lot of knowlege from him…best might be yet to come..he is a creation critters of God’s observer…might already have known like Father take me over over to Gen as me not getting it… see that them were not cursed.

Another thing David and I had for how many year with doggiedogblog???  Question if playing new things for fun retirement dogs…he posted on my site…had his own sign on would do..on that…how many ppl in his group say facebook, know me, and how we did those thing together?  Normal it would be…that man got protection cloud his things way back…took video me too..  Did he test me blasting me never ever see hear? u bet foul language never hear him do either… so I wrote he said never call me …  didn’t say couldn’t post to him facebook either.  Did we chat in dog forums?  Saying..he had I made site name.. here another… it’s a dog’s world… he had saying might have said once me… tell me what a dogiedog was.  I named site not him..added try to help what stolen that man, loved his children..broke my heart wouldn’t let him give up.

Well funny it is as mom used way back web sites.. CoffeeCup software purchased… Unysis created KISS method… I used his site…but offered to do David Ells site and he say no.  Cowinky dinks?  Edited his inhome bible teachings put online I did a studderer he was…like say noah was.  God fixed it.  move farm..Hughesnet had..same Cheri had… no could do for him no more…edit audio of teaching.. he used me to attack talk scriptures teach  me something.  I had him call u grandpa 1 book he had online…went wow close to happen me but me better…sent daddy read…so lots not talked about yet really..pieces…but u need to see how what drawn to and why..what stood out u weird mom…so 2 different men..see self in in things… no see that u dad…but came with top knotch David Jacob bloodlines.

Now I have yet to try to contact what was told me…there are other son’s maybe…sayed Jew.  So who knows talked one with daughter she say there were other sons…from David Jacob changed to Jacobs..proof have docs  scattered seed must have as no say where family saying was…that dinedine gave have no more maybe in files matter..doc there with census.  If them peeps took Bev had get my stuff..might can find…talked her other day shocked she was at my memory..hahahaha  so will need some work to restore…word still crap..she had heart move FL too.  Same bday mine…red head..only daughter of second marriage a daddy’s when them split…woooeee oposite her mom screwed her dad… with children to not his???  Get the F out this state…95 yr dem shit legislature.

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