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1-3-2022 guess before 7 pm  (email davidbccdaryl)

well yes think could be simple ask u simple for all i layed thought about it and see if comes back ok lol same last 3 days really and off elsewhere poof gone…not off else where and poof gone..but did get up… haha cause u need to go bed. well water all the sudden gone from mstr sink… weird shit… and u know i believe God can do anything… haha u dog outside… and who better look do u ancestry too so things i would need… am sure you would trust me to do over all u know just from what i saw mine. i am rated 1 4 u i did ask if u still hiring.. haha u dog want me get into them puters…so maybe one uu well have to understand… momjacobs email belong my son…..and as point out to all… must them boys remember things u …hahaha and our son’s like each other truth b known…so know 4 sure u be gamer….them need want…and mom has love for you them see. no dummies we have in son’s david…them capable plotting … and have desire keep both alive… hahahaha and train them son’s their paths… so who knows maybe just maybe i hook one up see if bite me…them saw me have cousin top old retired dude dell that why go that route i did. family help family them do. so go to bed David… if God blocks me there is a reason… if disapear what seem so simple why me no remember lay think about even and gone… Him the Big Father…can do u too…and son’s block them finding all out too. Them understand why want family… J and their dad… say me enough times…. I have no clue what it takes to program…. a truth… but them have no clue how Father can show them better…using mom…cause questions could come Father not mom…them given to Father…and Father used me to raise never made me send temple leave bob…hahahaha well went to…leave … and bob’s bigest fear never see son’s again…. hahahaha them ones no want. an interesting question i have re unclee paul… was 1st wife…no stay with foreign did she maybe get pg? by paul check see if see dna? hahahha that family loved him when he go there meet them…as i recall his talk.. so i don’t know all i do know is am done with them 50 yrs what i see from them all. well they do still have my son’s reach out too.. i think weird only 4 grandsons and i have no clue ian’s middle name…yet know daryls… weird stuff that be me. think trent T middle David think know Carley but slip mind.. know con’s too. all Doctors named MD Harris lol only ones maybe ask pray me them not higher… hahaha can touch me… hahahaha my brothers pray me all time am sure but never ask them nor ask them touch me do. weird shit my son’s found out about mom…yet would touch without asking my brothers do… how explain them things they have not that large of family siblings…and never witness my side…Father had reason tell mom…hahaha use mom make see from Father not me. and wooooeee mom would go under son’s ?????? in house of Father that He builds????? weird shit am telling u…the more I see who make men like that woooeeee make man feel can’t weep can’t word sick sick makes me..can’t sware i see so much more my self…and u see how i act…feel like am mom at school blasting principals stand them…sheesh…only against this dam f’n world i hate. I have been really pushing for new footstool… u can only as daddy them say funny but not me no more… gray tape fix everything duck tape time over done with gone to me. so i am dam set to make every single man can think of look like a F’n ass whole…with most simple F’s questions them dam ppl never even ask. because He gave me 2 son’s learn totally different..yet can communicate each other. I have absolutely no idea how them survive.. even make me see Bob different… a good way better, still no fix how lived and he can’t deal with in me… he can’t just can’t…see me cry…laugh no get… can’t live that way do work for son’s as Father want done… no can do. Father’s son’s are more important right now over all the world. and He has lots of sons why i make my new names pass way i do them need also think that way. passwords online too…lots of planting we have to do…so world can see me as saying fly by night hahahaha and maybe Father want u take a step of faith u lost…so no show u…maybe that why blocked simple i have no clue but just understand when i am blocked there is a reason now u bet on it…best be prayin askin Father…show me the way to go home and yes a song….hahahahaha but when Father say suddenly me…am expecting an explostion… hahaha it was like putting them 3 vs me…2 me…next son’s wake up call mom gave them young. c that one? never never never see no prophets run vs like that…hahahaha that a Father do call ok?? and all say truth… some call white lies show me one please?? heck we can plant tongues around the world and b make say a letter hahaha Father is just to cool lol but when i watch daddy teach son’s how to protect walk public wife…well i am tellin u that is hands on opperation…no man just watched i did. most no touch wife public walkin at all…no no how walk protecting … so need to dig that shit out of my brothers…son’s need to learn and teach their son’s and at ages start to learn that type stuff. how can u teach and no ever life see taught.. what say you about video after me do them u david.. so need dig ou of brothers…as me watched remember. daddy watch out for every woman…walk car dark stay work.. top knotch dude…didn’t say u shit no walk u……out group single come leave dark…let me walk u car…can go back in… so a protection needs to be shown in public of good men… picture that one maybe…see biker chick…hard hard woman look… say well let me walk u to bike..just make sure you get off ok .. can go back in… what that impact do?? ask friend keep eye on my wife b right back ok…train to see…not be one there but u 2 say let us walk u.. impact would be. who trained u dude… gimme some of that … well kings they can send someone with but in world no have…we family treat as family.. no mean no like just that be do unto other part…have to see both sides.. wow look how long i keep u up again…

time now 11:09 communicate we were good team that way david good team…good heart you have.

So back to the future? Or set back…what clock? Lol so will copy paste david email with log in address hahahaha

went to attach notepad++ too them…word weird shit them do my backup  say that end no can attach..get from here will send link… shit dame shit   as u tell me  call me son

if dame is sister let matthew have her…am sick of it..want some kind of normal and that be david team not matthew a man never met.  fear is not in this woman u mom…i will take the fucker on.  That dame sister needs to know where power come from and it ain’t matthew and it ain’t any man she has over her… she must learn place in house as well her baby brother is over that dam sister.  There will be order in Fathers house and order begins in this F’n world and that is exactly where the seeds of tongues will b planted no need them in house…house has to b built first.

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