Waffle House I75 & 301

Oh WORD  I don’t know boys.  Left McD and went across to waffle house…no light on the front sign whatsoever…top weird few letters lit said it changes all time  shit… below that the word waffle out just house on..went in to eat been ages…

had said in car prob get pass hotel pass to others and shit she gave me pass for days inn  shit  and here am on KFC has access too,  they get no business…had 5 working.  Hardly anything on menu shit so ask…say u boys work them.  said hidden menu..they name after u so ask if name after me…use 2 names say yes..go get u names..if same there.  no steak no porkchop no seasoned chicken  word…all hidden menu.  ask as used to buy boxes tell them can do yes them do and bacon smithfield good too.  word girl bombarded with satan crap..talk to sisters work there or say sisters

i wrote down pass but tore out paper write for sis so musr gave her pass  lol can;t find  oh just found  1st hit login  lowercase these  type guest  next one  nemo

told them ask father on name me  want me come back hell force kids eat proper bfast only with water cheaper than McD family 5.00.  weird shit…girls say light changes all time top

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