Not sure.  Son’s, I did more investigating, word.  Don’t want to have people waste their time if no save blogspot or remove their stuff.n Might be because too no activity.. can’t figure that one out.  Not sure you can msake bot really but call something else auto change IP on and just visit a post on site just a few times even a month.  Or if you can also make that thing check a web address within the post.  That maybe making site still living…only do for people of Yeshua stand truth…no do for world.  Example tests..did find country codes.  And the site wordpress looked up who owns it..how came about.  Then check some country codes .ca as found this site Canada his links still alive and the dude has a blogspot too…  and main site using still wordpress for..click links on them two  harrisplumbing  view source “.ca”

Remember site sent you after watching movie you want mom see “American Gospel”  I sent you site dude.. looks maybe started wordpress and purchase domain somewhere else as wordpress still there even though no more a domain does exist. https://jesuswordsonly.blogspot.com/

found more sites no posts on… well when your mom try help David made doggiedogblog.. had a domain hosting site think then.. no wordpress did godaddy have back then for mom install…think chose for my research did.. had to upload set all up myself…editing php’s even.  Followed a dude about all it.  anyway there is a doggiedog  wordpress site one post again.. weird.. people can’t figure out?  or do them remove all cept 1 post?  Look for our country code in things no find in source.  Lookup https://yeshua.wordpress.com/  there a different language copy paste see what language ck source see if country code there..etc

Went also here check  https://theway.blogspot.com/   click archives…  https://theway.blogspot.com/2001_09_16_archive.html   change year go back site still come up word.  Put as came up with an archive number #   so remove that number just left the # behind and change year go back  https://theway.blogspot.com/1970_09_16_archive.html#

Word… then go check whois on Matthew, Stephen, and my hosting site..  Well I am missing tech’s …and admins from Stephen, I am much longer than Matthew, so trying to figure out what server country own..  Anyway suggested  we b Yserver  Ydna represent this world fathers house is why Y.

Whois domains Stephen,  https://www.whois.com/whois/usaprophet.com   whois on Matthew  https://www.whois.com/whois/propheticwatchmanvine.com   and this the hosting godaddy have.  https://www.whois.com/whois/yeshuaisjehovah.com


Have fun… no way to track all this shit in world… need buttons… country codes a good thing.  You certainly don’t want ppl waisting their time free blog.. only one left at moment is blogspot..  think now even wordpress make u pay 4.00 yr.