Humans Evil Mt 7:11

Well I got a bit irritated this morning…and often when that happens I find elsewhere to go mess around. I wanted just a human site.. well with those that eyes to see would notice still put a quote of scripture. So I created this page yes family shows but well we are human…Word then off… Continue reading Humans Evil Mt 7:11

You Raise Me Up

You Raise Me Up Daddy and I when together always smoked together. I did create a cig pack background site will put this there too. Actually the first site alone…on hosting.. could have lots if’n ya want one. Could put up well it would cost a bit for 6 I am adding cousin Daryl too… Continue reading You Raise Me Up


Not sure how to start this even, as Daddy did not live with a saint!! get the picture? That was his first marriage…so probably why he wanted someone with staying power. Jenny and to most all am sure, heard it from some in family, there was nothing anyone did that she didn’t do better. So… Continue reading Jenny

Farm House Building

Daddy, of course was still alive when we were doing construction on this house. I used to send him pictures of progress and talk to him about the house. So felt he was involved some with the new construction. Talked to him all the time on our well I called it “beep beep” the phone… Continue reading Farm House Building