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sons of thunder
A Storm is brewing

Sis said bad weather south of me…do u get lightning with snow type stuff?

225 Grand Cypress Dr, Lutz, FL 33559  hey I am into that number well just all them.

Of course J has as well as bob for beef…Jerry Hughes not know he is still alive…but for butcher cow ask for bones all.. them usually no give you if no ask and make soup with them can not get in stores no more we have purchased 20 yrs from..the butcher collects the money for Jerry but u make out to Jerry that butcher also does pigs ifn’t want or have get..may direct where get
cheapest place get bacon is save alot 10 lb box use seal a meal divide..freeze…dad has one i used to do it all time.
with llc or just company price club used to always have butcher there cut things..they would get sides of beef process have not been ages..
you will save money try shop 2 wk supply time go there. or other places now josh would watch for sales go.. i am not as good that way…i no like running or shopping if no have to
kirkland is good brand…I would always have backup lots of this as no go bad check date see change 2 day order now is b
2-Day Delivery
Kirkland Signature Bacon Crumbles, 20 oz
quick easy throw salad, eggs etc. tiny jar in store wow..their bread wonderful.. just loved them better than sams to me for sure as went with Con and Bev there. huge for u familys is good thing
so up to what want do..if no want cow…buy costco save…them had all whole chicks were cheaper cut up.
anyway…not know how long ya all have b here train or not so just needed to have u stop u unnecessary running always had powdered milk handy and kirkland is good.
used to when little buy giant jar of suckers…last a long time..might b only treat get heck i used to have one now and then too. I think Costco so much better than Sams
well dog going nuts had to get up…hahaha barking across street open garage door them did and have silver trunk opened. lol stands up see out u know still not shutting up i am just not into men shit
usually you ssee and she shuts up but not so go look again yes boy came out shit i am not going to watch this neighborhood runs the gov.
she gets excited me saying out loud starts her approval of me doing that by jumping up on me sheeesh she needs a man
anyway had several times them want me put up my videos of weird shit here upload them and did not do on godaddy and them prevented me youtube. sometimes led to drive around neighborhood.. trash times good one lol
you might be able to get the good reynolds wrap there too…and larger as was going to just line my center counsol with that stuff in auto but the usa shit don’t say aluminum on it will not buy it then
I wrapped that dam new phone up again..can’t use it so will be here for u figure out the shit…maybe want u have it have not clue but me no like
I will also leave that little verison connect i have.. say purchased it..don’t know who belong to and have another way connect if want can get am sure if led to in FL from same dude.
I am going to see Bev might have an old old landline phone… tell her hook it up when she comes with me..if keeps house not sure do.
J might be able to get one for his landline..who knows… red line you know lol see now Eathell love shop flea markets them where find.
can’t do pedler mall things really..well can but would be higher…have no clue how long u have to be here…think a freezer moved streight thru drive.. takes 3 days want to say for meat to thaw…meat thawed like that can be refrozen and be fine…refreeze meat if thawed frig can do
you can take boys could shop together even..not know still do..cheaper with bus account..than family…get wholesale price then.
other thing and didn’t do all time would rotate what stock on…couldn’t afford all time.. but bags and bags of their beef jerky am sure u remember that crap
225 Grand Cypress Dr, Lutz, FL 33559 closest to brooksville fl…and just about as close as Lex frankfort. anyway check me on three day to thaw freezer..might want to get upright commercial them even had keys lock put garage.. movers moved ours full when we moved calhoun
keep freezers dogs like if u forget that one.//ppl no like freezer burn etc still works won’t kill ya
when move pay worker move u stuff into u drive truck..we are entering that type time..especially u. Elva and JR have ties to Mex that need work watch that who we have from AZ them did wonderful job packing..loading us..
might have some with experience too. my mom even come help us move load our pull behind when we moved AZ loaded them dressers .. packed dishes etc in towels not paper so keep that stuff in mind too..
i see boxes out all the time for me lol haha u should grab some lean against garage walls…so keep eyes open start prep for…or leave behind most and get new.
well talked Cheri she got new vehicle suv Genisus.. hahaha a burgandy… and no key to get in car unlock… hahaha a hundi no say it on it though hidden only say genisus.. hahaha so no way in sept puter shit.
or will pray Father she with me…hahahaha leaver that one behind. wow pup got gray walmart bag tear corner up and put blue ball on entry carpet…haha sheesh where is that man cave?
well anyway told her no i own the dog…she wondered where i was going to put them all…i said well that is his business…and i never would buy a pup from him… funny should have said well he wanted me to work for him way back josh asked me about…but didn’t
cheri think was better about riding my car than chuck…told her bev and last name thing word and told her she mentioned modular had to go see again lakeland so could have place right away never know bev.
and me say live in storage building converted…hahahaha she say where keep all them pups…how many usually have say 9 last one… trying to get amount out me how much i pay her haha say don’t know yet
but bev wanted to give all her money to me no her kids so… and have to talk david…well i have no clue pedigree of Con and Mari’s yorkies..them related though…so another thing will dig up.
anyway ones she purchased here ky buy 2 Gwen and Dianna crap place we went to but she buy…really crap …maybe felt saving them…2 totally diff looks..Gwen then one went after Paul’s Sammie GSD blew that dog away
right in face I couldn’t believe it…see not sure there if round knobs or if got them side arm ones..easy for dog open them would think…that what had at farm..them cat ppl there no dog.
so do i have to keep this?? i hate that…well shit then will just post somewhere. pages 2sons…lol sept them come up too?